Making Complementary Therapies Work for You

There any many reasons for seeking to supplement conventional treatment, but the massive array of complementary therapies is bewildering. This is a book designed to make the choice of complementary therapy simpler, and to enrich the patient-healer relationship.

It begins by outlining the fundamental truths on which most therapies are based. One thing that all complementary therapies have in common is a much greater involvement in our own recovery. Most of them return to levels of doctor-patient involvement that have been lost.

The main classes of treatment are broken down into four “families”: the Chinese system, which includes acupuncture and herbal medicine; the Indian or Ayurvedic system, ranging from nutrition to yoga; Western “subtle” systems such as homeopathy; and communicators between body, mind and spirit like the flower remedies.

Making Complementary Therapies Work for You is also a vital aid for physicians wishing to introduce patients to new treatments and for therapists seeking to reassure their clients and aid their recovery. It is not however a directory so much as a simple guide to participation. This book will help any user of complementary therapies to understand them better. The individual’s response to the therapy will be more in tune with the body’s own intelligence.

Searching for a guide to alternative therapies? Then Chicago-based writer Gaye Mack’s second title from Polair Publishing, Making Complementary therapies Work for You, might just be the perfect pick. – Conscious Choice


Title: Making Complementary Therapies Work for You
Published: November 1, 2005
Publisher: Polair Publishing