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Evolutionary Astrology Chart Reading: The Chart Behind the Chart

The symbols and their symbolic relationship to each other in an individual’s chart reading are grounded in these questions:

  • Who are you?
  • What in this life is meant to manifest as your soul’s greatest good?
  • What in your karmic past has led to the patterns in your current chart?
  • What path will help you transform the lessons of the past into the healing medicine of your future?

To this end I offer two options for readings:

Natal (Birth) Chart Reading (90 minutes) – $175

In this reading you will learn about:

  • The psychological dynamics behind the “triad” of the sun, moon, and ascendant, unique to your chart
  • How significant relationships between these three elements to other symbols in your chart are related to the psychology of your present and karmic past
  • The distinctive compass and map available for transforming negative patterns  into positive patterns for your future

Looking Ahead:  Transit & Progression Chart Readings (90 minutes)-$175

While the Natal (birth) chart is our ‘frozen snap shot’ -blue print at the moment of our birth, nevertheless the heavens are in continuous motion throughout our lifetime.  As such, the psychological energy of the planets ping on this blue print when their orbits cross the chart’s sensitive points.

Since these ‘pings’ can manifest as external events it’s helpful to know how forthcoming times of opportunity and challenge can assist us on our evolutionary journey.

Conversely, ‘Progressions’ in astrology have nothing to do with the actual movement of the planets across a birth chart.  However, they DO have much to do with the evolutionary rhythms that are a natural part of the chart.  Timely changes in these developmental rhythms are thus reflected through perceptions of and responses to, our internal landscape.

By looking ahead through astrology’s predictive lens of transits and progressions, we’re then better able to prepare our strategy through our understanding how these changes fit into the big picture of our Soul’s growth.


*Please note-transit/progressed readings can only be offered after a Natal chart reading has been done.

In considering readings with me, it’s important to remember:

  • Evolutionary astrology is prescriptive; the chart is studied within a metaphorical context through the karmic lens. The goal is to discover what went wrong and what created the now ripened karma, thus giving you the opportunity to confront it. In doing so, you can move your soul along in its evolution.
  • The science of astrology in general is not about predestination. You always have the power of choice in how to react to life’s circumstances.
  • Evolutionary astrology asks that you be willing to take the “leap of faith” into the abyss and embrace the work of your soul’s agenda in growth.

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