Igniting Soul Fire: Spiritual Dimensions of the Bach Flower Remedies

Since Edward Bach’s death in 1936, his discovery of the vibrational healing properties found in quintessential plants—the famous Bach Flower Remedies—has grown from a tiny cottage industry to one of the best-known alternative medicine systems in the world. But Dr Bach’s system of healing is more wide-ranging than nearly every user of his remedies recognised in his time. Dr Bach was a true mystic and healer, and his system was not simply one of healing for the individual, but healing for the world.

Gaye Mack, MA, has unique experience both sides of the Atlantic working with the Bach remedies, having studied with a number of principle Bach practitioners. In this book, she is among the first to take the wider dimensions of Bach’s work seriously.

Bach’s writing also shows a fascination with numbers, from a spiritual perspective. Unusually for his time, his writing shows him preoccupied with mother India, the great masters, the white brotherhood, and Buddha; although elsewhere he shows deep appreciation of Christian teaching and values. This combination is the basis of his deeper mystical program, which, until this book, was scarcely explored.

Igniting Soul Fire takes us deeper than most other investigations of the Bach remedies to date showing how, through careful attention to the twelve Great Healers among the remedies, the seven ‘Helpers,’ and the final nineteen remedies, major change can be effected in the self. The end result of using the remedies in the fullest way is not simply healing but transformation; Igniting Soul Fire!

A fascinating insight into Dr Bach’s life and work. A big section on the elements will be of interest to astrologers, as will the snippets of information relating to his chart. This author clearly knows far more than she has space to communicate here so we look forward to future publications. A lovely book! – Wessex Astrologer


Title: Igniting Soul Fire: Spiritual Dimensions of the Bach Flower Remedies
Published: May 31, 2004
Publisher: Polair Publishing