Published Works in Mind, Body and Spirit

Igniting Soul Fire: Spiritual Dimensions of the Bach Flower Remedies

Since Edward Bach’s death in 1936, his discovery of the vibrational healing properties found in quintessential plants—the famous Bach Flower Remedies—has grown from a tiny cottage industry to one of the best-known alternative medicine systems in the world. But Dr Bach’s system of healing is more wide-ranging than nearly every user of his remedies recognised in his time.


The View – Mind Over Matter, Heart Over Mind

Among the 26 authors on the book’s subject of ‘The New Spirituality’, Gaye joins U.S. contributors Neale Donald Walsh(Conversations with God), Peter Russell (From Science to God) & Nobel Prize nominee Ervin Laszlo.


Making Complementary Therapies Work for You

There any many reasons for seeking to supplement conventional treatment, but the massive array of complementary therapies is bewildering. This is a book designed to make the choice of complementary therapy simpler, and to enrich the patient-healer relationship.