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Prior to 1978, I’d never had a burning desire to put Great Britain on my “must see” list. However, that year an opportunity appeared for me to attend the wedding of a close friend in the Chapel Royal of Henry VIII’s Hampton Court Palace. Much to my shock, I immediately fell in love with Britain’s ancient history, way of life, people, and the land. Since that first trip 38 years ago, I’ve returned to Britain more times than I can count and still can’t seem to get enough. With every landing at London’s Heathrow airport, I feel like a pilgrim returned home.

Over the years, I’ve been passionately drawn to and wanted to write about the fabric of this island’s ancient history, particularly the 12th and 13th centuries. Whether I’m standing in a small village church, tithing barn, or gazing in awe at the stone vaulting soaring to the heavens in one of its massive medieval cathedrals, I wonder at and imagine the intricacies of the lives lived by the people who stood in these places going back 900 years or more. As I read historical accounts, explore the architecture, touch ancient artifacts, and walk the land with its vigilant stone circles and cairns of a Neolithic past, I’m drawn into its history and legends all the more deeply.

Current and Forthcoming Works

My 12th/13th & 21st-century historical fiction series features an unusually gifted heroine, 21st-century historical archaeologist,  Dr. Dana Morgan.

To research material for my books, I love to travel.  I’ve been to Glastonbury more times than I can count and for A Flight of Doves,  I traveled the Languedoc/Occitan area of southern France.  It was here that in 1244 over 200 men and women belonging to the religious sect known as the ‘Cathars’ were burned to death at Montségur by the troops of the Seneschal of Carcassonne and the Archbishop of Narbonne.  For now, I offer you a brief look into the alternating worlds of the 12th, 13th and 21st centuries in A Conspiracy of Ravens, A Murder of Crows and A Flight of Doves.

A Conspiracy of Ravens

A Conspiracy of Ravens introduces unconventional female protagonists, multi-faceted characters, and interrelated conspiracies that take place in England’s 12th and 21st centuries. Set in Chicago, Oxford, and Glastonbury Abbey, the modern hero, Dr. Dana Morgan, an historical archaeologist, is challenged by the crumbling of her personal life and disregard for her inherited psychic insight.

Glastonbury’s history comes alive in the fall of 1183. Lady Edana Morggon, a wealthy widow with unusual talents gleaned in the Holy Land, and her Saracen protector, Ghali, reluctantly find themselves embroiled in plots of political malfeasance at the hands of Peter D’Marcy, the Abbey’s diabolical Custodian. Desperate to thwart D’Marcy, Prior Hugh of Avalon solicits his old friend, Edana, to decode the zodiacal symbols embedded in the floor of the Abbey’s Holy of Holies, believed to hold Christianity’s deepest mystical secrets, just before the Abbey is taken to ground in the suspicious Great Fire of 1184.

In 2011, Dana Morgan finds herself in Glastonbury following the unexplained death of her husband. The past becomes a living thing for her when Edward Bligh Bond’s 20th-century channeled writings and Edana Morggon reach out. When Dana investigates 900-year-old mysteries, she’s led into danger and forced to confront her own insecurities, betrayal, and the reality that the veil between worlds is thin and can transmute to reveal universal truths.

A Murder of Crows

The year is 1186, Windsor Castle. Lady Edana Morggon and her unusual talents gleaned in the Holy Land are highly valued by Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine as a secret resource. When Queen Eleanor comes into possession of the infamous “Letter of Toledo,” written by that city’s astrologers, portending the end of days on September 15 and an artifact believed to be part of the Alchemical Hermetica, she summons Edana to Windsor for consultation.

As Edana nears the castle, she discovers a horribly gored body on the Thames riverbank underneath the castle walls. When it’s realized the dead man was one of Eleanor’s intelligencers, along with the Toledo letter and the Hermetical artifact, Eleanor demands Edana find answers and quickly. Joined by her Saracen protector, Ghali, Edana is caught up in a matrix that links the end of days, hints of immortality, and rumors of a nefarious Templar entity, Le Corbeau Noire, to murder. As intrigue surrounding the identity of the riverbank murderer mounts, so does the list of curious suspects; each with a compelling motive as the bodies continue to pile up and time is fast running out.

A Flight of Doves – Currently In Progress


Following the second devastating loss in her life, Dr. Dana Morgan, a historical archaeologist who specializes in ancient scripts & symbols resigns her position at the University of Chicago & moves to the Oxfordshire estate of her Aunt, Lady Frederica Morgan.  Soon after her arrival, Dana, Fredi and Dana’s friend, Dr. Nigel Porter-Stewart, an Oxford Don with a passion for sacred geometry, are invited to the Scottish estate of Fredi’s sister, the enigmatic Caitrin Morgan.  While shopping for a gift for Cait, Dana discovers a small box in the shadows of an antique shop.   Embedded in its lid is an ancient symbol, which draws Dana in.  As she reaches for the box, she’s gripped by one of her inherited psychic episodes which as a scientist, she’s always denied.  Nevertheless, Dana purchases the box unaware that she’s triggering the resurrection of a complex family legacy of secrets linking her to an esoteric Parisian brotherhood from the 1930’s, her karmic contract with the 13th century Cathars which courts danger from her sociopathic cousin, Alex. 

Increasingly pressed  to come to terms with her psychic sensitivities, terror of caves and long-standing issues of trust, Dana agrees to go to Montsegur to help Nigel in his search for the legendary Cathar treasure.  Once in Montségur,  Dana is confronted by her medieval past, her karma and the reality that the veil between worlds is thin and can transmute universal truths.