As I wrote in one of my previous postings, the on-going square between Pluto and Uranus is such a big deal that I’d be revisiting these two planets from time to time, particularly to look at how the energies of these heavenly bodies can and do interact with the various energetic characteristics of Dr. Bach’s flower remedies…especially at the deepest levels of our being.  For this posting I had actually intended to write on another subject but at the last moment, suddenly changed my mind…an example of how Uranus’ energy can affect us when it’s winding up in our charts…sudden departures from normal patterns that come out of nowhere.  So to Uranus first.

Personally, I like Uranian energy…most of the time…because it can and does, bring us flashes of inspiration…light bulb moments…those ah ha!, moments.  Without looking at specific charts, it’s pretty certain that those responsible for our greatest advances in technology (which Uranus rules), either had or have strong Uranian energy in their birth charts or were undergoing a major Uranian transit when  they were suddenly inspired with ideas that depart from the norm.

When Uranian energy transits a sensitive point in our birth chart, its purpose IS to break up stagnant patterns.  Whether the intent is creative or personal life changes, it hits us like a jolt of lightning(which by the way is another thing Uranus rules), shattering us out of what might be construed as a deep sleep.  Such jolts can be uncomfortable because it’s typically intense and relentless in achieving change.  However in the larger view, a Uranus transit propels us think/act differently that’s positive for our evolution; the ease of how we navigate such a transition depends very much on how strongly we resist, which brings me to Dr. Bach’s Water Violet remedy.

Reincarnation is a core tenant of Evolutional Astrology, and thus pairs beautifully with Dr. Bach’s concept of Soul lessons and types which I wrote about in Igniting Soul Fire~ Spiritual Dimensions of the Bach Flower Remedies. The Water Violet Soul is very old in this context and therefore carries with it an enormous amount of wisdom and experience.  The karmic issue for these souls is experience, but it’s sadly won through betrayal and most assuredly, unpleasant outcomes.  With such experiences comes grief …a major hurdle to presently overcome for Water Violet because the energy of the past is entrenched in the cellular memory. 

Thus  because Water Violet carries such deep grief from the past, it tends to be introverted and may appear aloof, driven by a strong reluctance to interact for fear of yet one more betrayal and yet… its karmic job IS to interact, to share its deep wisdom which will bring JOY to this soul…the virtue, according to Dr. Bach.

The power of Uranian energy is not shy as it comes upon us suddenly, deliberately pushing for change. So if Water Violet’s picture resonates with you in any way even in your personality, this remedy can be very supportive and strengthening during a Uranus transit, fostering courage to engage and receive joy in return.

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  1. QSUSA

    Thank you so much for this article. I found it very informative, I also think I might have been left to it because it would help me at this very pivotal and challenging time for me.

    I came to this article, enquiring about Uranus-effected quite strongly at this time by transit. I am also a very Uranian type of individual, as Uranus is conjunct my Mercury and Pluto- as well as my Sun but not quite as close as the others though my Sun is still conjuct- within 10°, but Uranus, Pluto and Mercury are conjunct within 1°.

    I am at a huge point of Integrating my Soul lessons and will have much to impart to society definitely outside of current mainstream thought but first I have to heal and ground.

    I think my Larger Self led me to this article- because the Violet Water Lotus Essence would help me tremendously- as I have much grief toTransmute.

    I am just wondering though, U say the Water Violet has much experience with grief( I’m sure being grown for the purpose of, cut up and distilled Certainly adds to it. One day in the far future, we will not need to do this to any life form to experience it’s energies).

    I was wondering- are you sure the Soul of the Water Violet has learned to handle the grief it has experienced? If so, then at this time, I want to utilize it to help me.

    Thinking about it now, I realize you must be right- it even says it in it’s name Water for emotions Violet for the balancing of the female- male energies.
    Thank you very much. I think I just answered my own question.

    I am so grateful to you for this information. Blessings to You.


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