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EAST MEETS West in the healing philosophies of Chinese medicine, in eastern Asia, and those of Ayurveda, native to India, Tibet, and other countries in southern Asia. Logically, it might seem that these two systems of medicine would differ from each other, given the diversity among the cultures that embrace them. The reality is that at their roots they are more alike than not.

In my book, Making Complementary Therapies Work For You, (Polair Publishing, LondonI explore various systems of alternative healing including Ayurveda,Traditional Chinese Medicine , Homeopathy, Flower Remedies and Meditation. What is not a surprise is the discovery that in many cases, the philosophies of Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine are not the only therapies that have similarities at their roots but that the core philosophies of several other non-traditional  therapies cross boundary lines, showing us one more time that who and what we are is inner-connected.  

Ayurveda itself  ‘is a comprehensive system of medicine that combines natural therapies with a highly personalized approach to maintaining health and the treatment of disease. It places equal emphasis on body, mind, and spirit, and strives to restore the innate harmony of the individual’. Ayurveda’s philosophy, like Traditional Chinese Medicine, focuses on the subtle energy that exists in all forms of nature, both organic and inorganic. Its practice extends further to our thoughts and emotions, through the inclusion of yoga and meditation, both of which have an effect on our state of wellness.

 Authoritative texts tell us that Ayurvedic medicine originates from an oral tradition that organized the fundamentals of life into a system, what we know today as Ayurveda. A word from Sanskrit, the ancient root language for most of Europe and Asia, Ayurveda (I-your-vay-da) translates as ‘science of life’: ayur meaning life, and veda science or knowledge. This wisdom is at least 5,000 years old and handed down from the great seers of India, known as Rishis.

The core of Ayurvedic medicine is the concept of three major doshas, known as Vata, Pitta, and Kapha.  Each dosha is a combined vital energy that reflects two of the five elements we find in tantric philosophy. Vata is a combination of air and ether, with air predominating.  Pitta combines fire and water, with fire predominant,  and Kapha combines water and earth, with water as the primary element.  In Ayurveda, the doshas and the state of their balance are responsible for all that goes on within us, both physically and psychologically.  As in Traditional Chinese Medicine, this balance affects how we relate internally to ourselves and externally to the environment around us.

The ultimate goal in Ayurveda is to help the individual maintain a state of balance between the three doshas, with particular emphasis on maintaining balance in the predominant dosha.


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Glastonbury and its once powerful Abbey are arguably among the most enigmatic and mystical sites in England.  The place simply exudes legends, mysteries and improbable lore.  One cannot speak about Glastonbury without the mystical King Arthur immediately coming to mind as well as speculative stories about the Holy Grail, Joseph of Arimathea and of course, the Goddess and Avalon.  It happens to be one of my most favorite sacred sites in Great Britain, one I have visited more times than I can count over the years.  As such, it is no accident that Glastonbury is the chosen location of my historical thriller which is presently making the rounds of literary agent review…time will tell regarding this book’s  future.  In the meantime, no question Glastonbury will be one of the  subjects under my ‘Ancient Legends’ postings as this blog goes forward, for it hosts a wealth of legendary myths and historical facts.  One such historical event  mixed with legend  is that of  ‘The Great Fire of 1184.’

 In a nutshell, for several years before the fire, Glastonbury had been without an Abbot following the death of Robert of Winchester in about 1178(exact dates vary slightly depending on historical source!)  With the absence of a strong Abbot at the helm of this mighty abbey, nefarious machinations for political power and personal gain infiltrated the community.  Additional speculation by royal watchers was that King Henry II was reluctant to name a candidate for the Abbot’s chair as to do so would cut off his direct access to the treasury which he needed for his war with France.  However after much pressure by the monks, he did name a ‘Custodian’ by the name of Peter De Marcy who for various reasons was vehemently hated by the Community.

On May 25th, 1184  fire broke out in the most sacred of the Abbey’s buildings, the Ecclesia Vestuta, or ‘old church’ which  housed the ‘Holy of Holies’,  or foundation remnants  from Joseph of Arimathea’s beehive church dating a thousand years previous; it was also the professed burial site of Mary, mother of Jesus.  The fire happened about nine in the morning, just before the prayer office of Terce.  One historical speculation is that within the Ecclesia Vestuta, the curtain or tapestry hanging over the  entrance to Holy of Holies caught fire from a candle .    From the previous night, the May winds had been unusually high, vigorously fueling the flames.  Regardless of the cause, to the horror of Glastonbury’s monks, their beloved great Abbey and nearly all of its buildings were brought to ground within a matter of hours.  

More than 800 years later, the cause behind this event still intrigues.  In addition to the ‘curtain’ theory, legend speculates it might have been a result of  jealous arson or the intervening hand of spirit ; after all, fire does purify.  If you are planning a visit to England and love the mysterious and sacred mystical, be sure to add Glastonbury to your list of ‘must see’s’.  In addition to the Abbey ruins there is the Chalice Well, the enigmatic Tor and numerous other intrigues within Glastonbury’s legends.  Located in Southwest England, the town of Glastonbury is approximately 12 miles to the south of Wells…site of a very famous cathedral!  

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Bach’s “Larch” for Self-Confidence

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In 1935 when Dr. Edward Bach announced that his work ‘was finished’, he left us with what  are globally known  as the 38 Bach Flower Remedies.  While it has been suggested that there are over 200 million possible combinations of the 38, we can easily look at each of them from a far simpler perspective; one that is not so overwhelming  to contemplate, through simple ‘key phrases’ .  These brief statements are clues that can lead us to an appropriate remedy selection.   When we experience a  ‘lack of self-confidence’, Bach’s Larch is a good choice.  

In general, the remedies can and do work on multiple layers of ourselves and they can do so simultaneously.  In other words, they meet us where we are.  They can support us through ‘situational’ episodes that are temporary or at deeper levels wherein emotional themes have been part of our operating system for some time…perhaps over the course of our lifetime.  Going even “deeper”, some of the remedies support us in soul growth, the concept that was at the heart of Dr. Bach’s healing philosophy and work.   For a more thorough look at Dr. Bach’s work, log onto my website,   which has this information as well as  how I work as a practitioner with flower remedies.

As summer ends and fall approaches, it brings with it the start of the school year for our kids.  ‘Larch’   is an excellent choice for them if they are feeling some anxiety about their self-confidence as they enter a new situation.   This remedy is not only appropriate for the youngest of our children taking the next big step into their development, but for those who are old hands at the school scene.

 However, keep in mind that Larch isn’t only for school situations.  It is THE remedy for any situation wherein we are feeling unsure of ourselves, whether it be school, work, social or even situations involving personal relationships.    


 ‘Larch’ Photo Courtesy of the Dr. Edward Bach Foundation










The Brilliance of Margaret George’s ‘Elizabeth’

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ELIZABETH-by Margaret George

Once again American author, Margaret George, has produced a stellar work of historical fiction in her newly released, Elizabeth.

As with George’s previous books, the story is skillfully written in the first person, this time through the eyes of Elizabeth Tudor, England’s first female monarch, the only child of Henry VIII and Ann Boleyn.

Despite its considerable size the story is a page turner that takes us behind the scenes of court machinations during Elizabeth’s 45 year reign coupled with her private struggle to find balance in a male dominated political world against the ordinary wants and needs of a 16th century woman.  For fans of exquisitely researched historical fiction, George opens a fascinating window into the inner world of the woman not “behind the throne”, but the woman on the throne.

Margaret George’s previously released works that are also on my ‘worth the read’ list include:

The Autobiography of Henry VIII,

Mary, Queen of Scotland and the Isles

The Memoirs of Cleopatra

Mary Called  Magdalene

July Ends with Powerful New Moon in Dramatic and Creative Leo; August begins with Mercury shifting into Retrograde Mode

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My intent for this blog is to offer postings on a variety of subjects(as I learn to navigate the technical side of blogging!) that interest me, and I hope you as well as this site grows over time.  For now I invite you to take a peek into the arena of ‘horoscope musings’ as July ends with a powerful new moon in Leo and August begins with Mercury in retrograde!

New moons always herald in new beginnings in some fashion for each of us  both individually and for the planet as a whole.  This new moon which was  exact at 1:40 p.m. CST on the 30th,  is no exception. It signals a new cycle and level of creative drive mixed with perhaps a bit of drama which the sign of the lion is known for.  

This drive is further emphasized as Venus, the planet of love and beauty cozies up to the sun/moon conjunction at 3 ° pushing us to be creative in a new way, to play, experiment and enjoy.  How do we know how creative we can be unless we jump in with no expectations?  

New Moons affect all signs but those with the strong influence of Leo or the 5th house in their charts will particularly feel the message of this moon in their hearts.  And, we can plan on feeling these effects for approximately 4 days after the exact conjunction.

But of course it is never enough…Mercury, that mighty little planet, whom the ancients viewed as messenger of the Gods, zooms around its orbit faster than any other planet in the zodiac.  Mercury is all about language and transmission of information.

 Ratcheting up at the end of July, on August 2nd,  this planet will shift into ‘retrograde’ motion appearing to move backwards in the heavens until August 26th.  While the point of working with the energy of a Mercury retrograde is to go inside ourselves to connect more deeply with our own inner communication, in the ‘outside’ world it can wreak havoc with all forms of communication.  Ever wonder why voice mails, emails suddenly seem to get dropped during a particular time frame, conversations get bungled or misinterpreted…or electronics that have to do with transmission seem to go on the fritz, particularly computers?  You can blame it on ‘Mercury retrograde’.  The real point however, is for us to slow down, give our central nervous systems a rest and quiet down.  A rest…now this sounds wonderful ….but.

Mercury rules both Gemini and Virgo.  For those of us who have these two signs significantly appearing  in our birth charts or powerful aspects to Mercury…be prepared.  I know well of what I speak…make sure that EVERYTHING is backed up in your computer at all times….if you must sign any type of contract, make sure you read the fine print carefully…and as far as social or business appointments?  Reconfirm, reconfirm, reconfirm!

 Oh and by the way…the file for my next post just vanished!





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