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The philosophy of Edward Bach (1886-1936), the British mystic and discoverer of the series of flower essences that bear his name, is here described in its true depth. Gaye Mack tells of the discovery of the ‘remedies’ and the specific of the basic set known as the Twelve Healers. In showing how the remedies work she describes the importance of the astrological moon in our horoscope charts and the karmic importance of what is known as the lunar south node. She shows how to locate this in your own chart, discusses its role in Bach’s own horoscope, and its potential for understanding how we all may heal, in the fullest sense. This is a much expanded version of Gaye’s earlier book, Igniting Soul Fire.

Praise for Edward Bach and your Evolutionary Purpose

A profound but sensitive work that unifies key ideas and practices to help us appreciate the symbiosis of spiritual, emotional and physical states – and access subtle clues to healing. The author draws together a deeper understanding of Bach’s healing motivations and methods for his Twelve Healers and later-discovered remedies – including a private appreciation of connections between Moon signs and personality types – with the notion of the soul’s progress, challenges and potential harmony. Alongside, she demonstrates how Evolutionary Astrology’s focus on lunar Nodes elucidates further pointers towards soul purpose and karmic reconciliation.

Gaye Mack’s extensive, practical experience and wide range of references within Mind, Body and Spirit literature enable her to provide a sound explanation of chakra energy integration, while delivering an eloquent, in-depth appreciation of the gentle, yet significant, power of flower remedies to offer simple, easy-to-access healing opportunities – as former Harley Street doctor, Edward Bach, wholeheartedly intended.”

Diana McMahon Collis

Diana writes the Moon phases column for The Mountain Astrologer journal and is a Mind, Body and Spirit, non-fiction editor with Oxford-based Jericho Writers

Gaye Mack is a Bach Remedy expert, a novelist, and a long-time student of mine. In this book, she’s deftly linked the Remedies to her knowledge of evolutionary astrology. I’m always happy when the wisdom of astrology finds a way off “our little island . . .””

Steven Forrest

Evolutionary Astrologer, founder of Forrest Center for Evolutionary Astrology and prolific author including his classic, “The Inner Sky”

Very interesting particularly the later chapters on astrology and chakras.”

Julian Barnard, Founder of Healingherbs, Ltd.,
UK-specialist Bach flower essence makers
according to the original directions of
Dr. Edward Bach

Gaye’s considerable intellect shines through in her ability to weave the respective systems into a very readable and thought-provoking book, Edward Bach and your Evolutionary Purpose… when there is someone with expertise in a subject who is able to throw light on human nature from another context, that, I feel, merits exploration.”

Lynn Macwhinnie, MSc
Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner,
International Trainer and Mentor

This book combines 2 of my most trusted life tools. Evolutionary Astrology and Bach Flower Remedies! To have the 2 linked in this way is a Godsend for me! 
– J.O. Netherlands
I haven’t been able to start your book yet because I can’t get it out of my husband’s hand’s…he’s taking notes!

Gaye Mack

Author & Evolutionary Astrologer

Writer, educator and practitioner in the arena of mind/body/spirit philosophy for nearly 30 years, Gaye Mack has been a life-long student in the study of, Astrology, the "sacred science".

She holds a Master of Arts degree from DePaul University, Chicago and was one of the first in the US to be placed on the Dr Edward Bach Foundation’s International Register of Bach Flower Remedy Practitioners, based in England. For several years she has been in a formal apprenticeship to Steven Forrest—one of the top Evolutionary Astrologers of our time.

As a published author in the Mind/Body/Spirit arena, Gaye is an international traveler with clients in all parts of the world, but calls the Chicagoland area home.

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