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The View: Mind Over Matter, Heart Over Mind

from Polair Publishing, London


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Gaye Mack is among Twenty-NINE influential thinkers who present their own ‘vital messages’ about the changes that are happening and the changes that must happen as we move fully into a new world consciousness. Symbolic of the changes is the year 2012, the year the ancient Mayan Calendar simply ends. It is probably best to think of it, though, as the great symbol of a new beginning. THE VIEW adds greatly to our understanding about this watershed, beginning from the simple question, ‘How do we take charge of the change?’.

Praise for The View: Mind Over Matter, Heart Over Mind

An essential read for anyone interested in the future of humankind and spirituality.”

Kate Hartley, Kindred Spirit

Gaye Mack

Author & Evolutionary Astrologer

Writer, educator and practitioner in the arena of mind/body/spirit philosophy for nearly 30 years, Gaye Mack has been a life-long student in the study of, Astrology, the "sacred science".

She holds a Master of Arts degree from DePaul University, Chicago and was one of the first in the US to be placed on the Dr Edward Bach Foundation’s International Register of Bach Flower Remedy Practitioners, based in England. For several years she has been in a formal apprenticeship to Steven Forrest—one of the top Evolutionary Astrologers of our time.

As a published author in the Mind/Body/Spirit arena, Gaye is an international traveler with clients in all parts of the world, but calls the Chicagoland area home.

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