From Gaye Mack

Making Complementary Therapies Work For You

Polair Publishing, London


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There any many reasons for seeking to supplement conventional medical treatment, but the massive array of complementary therapies is bewildering. This is a book designed to make the choice of complementary therapy simpler, and to enrich the patient-healer relationship. It begins by outlining the fundamental truths on which most therapies are based. One thing that all complementary therapies have in common is a much greater involvement in our own recovery.  This book will help any user of complementary therapies to understand them better. The individual’s response to the therapy will be more in tune with the body’s own intelligence.

Praise for Making Complementary Therapy Work For You


A very useful introduction to the principles and philosophy of complementary therapies”
— Scientific and Medical Network Newsletter


“Useful overview of many of the most common complementary therapies, enabling one to make a more informed choice.”
— Yoga and Health


“This small book has a huge content. Not only does it provide factual information in a clear, concise form on the four therapies, it also stimulates consideration of the need for harmony between all parts of our being and the Divine.”
— ‘Stella Polaris’ (White Eagle magazine)

Gaye Mack

Author & Evolutionary Astrologer

Writer, educator and practitioner in the arena of mind/body/spirit philosophy for nearly 30 years, Gaye Mack has been a life-long student in the study of, Astrology, the "sacred science".

She holds a Master of Arts degree from DePaul University, Chicago and was one of the first in the US to be placed on the Dr Edward Bach Foundation’s International Register of Bach Flower Remedy Practitioners, based in England. For several years she has been in a formal apprenticeship to Steven Forrest—one of the top Evolutionary Astrologers of our time.

As a published author in the Mind/Body/Spirit arena, Gaye is an international traveler with clients in all parts of the world, but calls the Chicagoland area home.

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