Gaye Mack: MA Author, Evolutionary Astrologer

Exploring diverse realities and perspectives through multi-dimensional encounters is driven by my endless curiosity. It’s what lead to my writing in the genres of mind, body, and spirit healing and 12th-century historical fiction. It’s also what resulted in my 25-year love affair with Dr. Edward Bach,  his flower remedies, and a fascination with evolutionary astrology—the discipline that tells our soul story through the “chart behind the chart.” In a nutshell, I’ve a passion for exploring and a desire to know the answers to how and why.

Over the years, I’ve cultivated my practice in these areas and other interests. Enthusiasms for some of these remain, while others have outlived their usefulness or I have outlived them. Some have appeared through doorways nothing short of astonishing, such as my intimate knowledge of Great Britain, its medieval history, and modern culture.  I’ve also learned much about the world and its differences through extensive experience in designing and executing custom international travel for clients, work as an international conference and workshop presenter, corporate trainer and the simple joy of delivering flowers.

Gaye Mack

Education and Consultation Practices

My undergraduate degree includes studies in sociology and psychology and I hold a Master of Arts degree from DePaul University, Chicago, where research for my graduate thesis focused on the use of flower remedies as an adjunct therapy for eating disorders and other emotional illnesses. In 1977, I was among the first group of Bach Flower Remedy practitioners in the United States to be placed on the Dr. Edward Bach Foundation’s International Register of Practitioners. In addition, I hold an Advanced Level certification in evolutionary astrology by globally distinguished astrologer Steven Forrest through his International Apprenticeship program.Currently I offer  consultation services in Evolutionary Astrology.

Whether I meet you vicariously through my writing or more personally through my consultation work as an Evolutionary Astrologer, know that I’m committed to teaching the ways in which we’re connected to our past and future through our present. Our individual soul growth depends on understanding that we’re connected to each other and are here to learn that balance is possible even in difference.

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