Like the rabbit from Alice in Wonderland, once again, I’m late! I’d hoped to get a new post up immediately upon returning from the May session of Steven Forrest’s evolutionary astrology apprenticeship program earlier this week out in San Diego, but alas…. in my effort to be consistent with posts… in true Gemini fashion, I’m not. Originally, on the heels of a conversation with one of my apprenticeship colleagues and friends, I’d planned to post on Dr. Bach’s Scleranthus and its relationship to the very busy planetary activity that’s taking place. However, the current full moon in Sagittarius has deemed otherwise as its energy it seems, is making an intense impact everywhere from postings read on Facebook and Twitter, combined with the exact hit of the Pluto/Uranus square on May 20th. This said, I’ve decided to re-post earlier comments pertinent to this full moon! Call on Bach’s Agrimony and Cerato to help you find peace and reason in the energy of these shifts, internally and externally; you’ll be amazed.

Just when we thought we’d survived the solar eclipse in Taurus on May 9-10th, ready or not, May 24th-25th (depending on where you live) arrives with a lunar eclipse in Sagittarius. Such is the nature of eclipses, they always come in pairs, making sure that we have enough ‘opportunity’ to reflect and adjust! The message of the Solar eclipse in Taurus was for us to focus on jettisoning attitudes, beliefs and ways of being that no longer serve us well, a theme that’s been repetitive for some time now. Currently it’s exacerbated by the on-going tightening square between Pluto (in Capricorn) and Uranus (in Aries) which will make the third of seven exact ‘hits’ on May 20th.

With the Sagittarius/Gemini lunar pairing, we’re further encouraged to integrate heart and head, faith with logic and intuition with thinking in order to manifest our intended purpose in this lifetime…a pretty tall order. Fortunately, we can call upon Dr. Bach’s Agrimony and Cerato remedies to support us in this quest. Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter…the planet that operates on faith, can easily become restless. This is especially true when Sag is faced with its core mission, the quest to discover the meaning of life. Ironically such an undertaking requires a ‘sense of peace’ in order for the archer to keep true to the mission. Bach’s Agrimony is often paired astrologically with Sagittarius for many reasons. In this instance, his own words describing Agrimony as the remedy that brings “the peace that passeth understanding,” leaves no doubt as to what is called for.

Operating on intuition, the Moon doesn’t think and in Sagittarius, intuition and faith are mutually supportive. We don’t need to understand. Additionally, this lunar eclipse comes with other factors that intensify, for lack of a better word, this message. Mercury, the planet of thinking (and ruler of Gemini) is in Gemini during this eclipse and conjuncts (sits next to!) Venus. Shortly thereafter they’re both joined by…Jupiter. Clearly the universe wants us to get the message that more information input does not guarantee knowledge.

As Agrimony is often paired with Sagittarius, Dr. Bach’s remedy Cerato is paired with Gemini. Classically, the ‘Cerato negative state is described as manifesting in someone who’s very verbal, needing constant input from others or approval when in fact, they’re meant to trust their own ‘wisdom.’ With the message of this eclipse emphasizing heart and head working together, Cerato frankly helps us to shut up, go inside where we can work on learning this lesson!

Finally, there’s one more small detail into this mix…Neptune, that nebulous planet of other-directed awareness. With this lunar eclipse, Neptune is in a tight ‘T-Square’ to the Sagittarius Full Moon and Gemini Sun. Squares are turning points…which way are we going to go? Are we going to remain stagnant in the same patterns or are we willing to make changes offered to us for our evolutional growth? Neptune in its square to the luminaries is just making certain we get its message: there’s more out there beyond the boundaries of our consciousness and the time is now to embrace it. There’s no escaping, this will have been quite the month for progress along our evolutionary path!


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