I’m very happy (and honored!) to announce that the editors for the Organization for Professional Astrology have included my article, ‘Dr. Edward Bach, His Flower Remedies and Our Moon’ in the June, 2023 Solstice issue of The Evolving Astrologer, OPA’s international quarterly.

Adapted from my most recent book, Edward Bach and Your Evolutionary Purpose, Polair Publishing, 2021 (Get it on Amazon). Bach’s interest as to the importance of our moon in our natal charts and his famous flower remedies is an ideal fit for this issue which focuses on the fascinating arena of healing and astrology.

In this article, I initially take a close look at Bach’s early days as an eminent physician, his shift from orthodox medicine when he discovered his 38 flower remedies, his various esoteric interests, and attitude toward astrology. Taking this review a step further I discuss how, were he alive today, he might be very receptive to the philosophy of Evolutionary Astrology. By stretching his interest to the landscape of the moon’s nodal axis, central to this particular lens, it’s easy to imagine how he might have recognized the support his remedies can provide to our evolutionary process of healing the South Node’s emotional karma we carry from the past, to the healing medicine of the north.

Read my article here.